This page is currently under construction so please bare with me while I flush out any rough edges, especially on mobile. I am Preston, I'm a programmer mostly on the web development side of things, but I also take a keen interest in network engineering and plan to develop an assortment of tools on that front in the not so distant future.

This website serves not only as my home, but as my library. Here you will find the projects I'm working on, as well as my [journal] which contains logs and thoughts on those projects, it will also include stories from my travels, and topics I'm interested in. You will also find my [wiki] which is an organized page of information that I have learned regarding pretty much anything I feel like adding.

Please note that this website does not use JavaScript and is not a reflection of my abilities to use front-end frameworks. I've opted to use non-resource intensive code and good ol' fashion HTML and CSS for this site, well except for the wiki engine written in C but that aside, it's a completely static page. If you are looking for my work, I recommend taking a look at my [Github].


Email: Preston@sudogami.com

Github: https://github.com/LiminalCrab

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