Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup

st:[2021/10/30 04:14:24]


To serve:

Udon or egg noodles

Stir fried veggies of your choice - I used red peppers and sugarsnap peas

Sliced spring onions

Peel and slice ginger into about 5 thick slices, peel garlic cloves, top and tail spring onions, slice onions and roughly chop chillis.

Heat up a slug of oil in a pot on the hob (my slow cooker has a removable pot so I use this) and add the chopped aromatics, along with the hoisin sauce and star anise. Cook until onions are translucent, and then add the beef and give it a stir.

Add in tomatoes quartered, soy sauces, rice wine, bay leaves and white pepper, and cook rapidly for about 5 mins.

Add enough water in to cover the meat, bring to boil, and then transfer to slow cooker. Cook on high for 4 hours.

To serve, stir in rice vinegar, pop the chunks of meat into bowls on top of cooked noodles and stir fried veggies, and then ladle the soup on top. Top with extra sliced spring onions. Don't eat without a bib. ;)