st:[2021/06/29 22:20:00]
md:[2021/08/04 09:15:00]

Apsis is a distrubted metronome, the goal of the project is to keep separated artists performing over livestreams synchronized using a global pulse signal and a time synchronization server. It will require the group to pick a leader to start the music while not being able to hear the others, and after the rest of the group picks who they want to hear when playing along, so long as it's not circular dependancy. The lead starts playing with the the metronome and his audio + metronome will be sent to whoever needs to listen to him while playing in a typical dependency chain resolution fashion. So long as there isn't any circular dependency, the group will maintain synchrony.

CONTINUE apsis | 1:proto_ui [2021/06/29 1252]

Actively working on getting the phasor offset to work so that it stops jumping everytime the BPM increases. Afterwards I'll need to get the ticking setup and the UI prototype will be good to go.

CONTINUE apsis | 2:starlamp [2021/08/07 1005]

I'm switching back over to Starlamp for the time being, especially since Vue 3 feels a lot more complete, definitely want to give it a try.